We are a professional window cleaning company servicing Tri-cities, Washington.  We offer our services to Kennewick, Pasco and Richland and their neighboring towns. Clean, sparkly and shiny windows are the first thing a person will notice about a home. When your windows are clean, you can easily watch your kids play on the lawn or even watch the sunrise or sunset from those same windows (i.e. ensure visibility both internally and externally). Dirty windows are quite noticeable too but never for the right reasons. We offer our services to residential homes but can also clean windows in commercial areas when called upon to do so.

What services do we offer?

  1. Cleaning of all kinds of windows. From normal glass to stained windows and anything in between, we have the best products to do the job
  2. Cleaning screens. When windows are cleaned but the screens aren’t, heavy rains can transfer the dirt to the windows voiding the task. They also carry a lot of dirt and bacteria which is unhealthy
  3. Stain removal. When glasses aren’t cleaned for a while, they may get stains that are hard to remove through normal washing. We have products that can help remove these stains and thereby save you the expensive cost of replacing the window

Why hire us?

  1. We have trained specialists. Our cleaners are trained in providing the best quality cleaning. They are able to clean all types of windows and are experts at what they do
  2. Use environmentally friendly products. We care about you and our environment and therefore our products are specifically tailored to be hypoallergenic to plants, pets and to you too.
  3. We have the necessary equipment From using the best products available to using the best cleaning materials and also the having equipment to clean windows in tall apartment buildings, we are well prepared for the job
  4. Perfect cleaning. We take our job very seriously and desire to clean your windows much better than any basin and rug would ever do. Moreover, the windows will stay clean for much longer.
  5. We save you time. Cleaning windows can be a tedious task. This is especially true if you live in a glass house but even if you don’t, you can use the spare time to read a book or watch a special from that comedian you love.
  6. Our cleaners can spot issues you may not. From cracks on windows, stains, insects to splits, our cleaners can spot any issues with your windows and eradicate or correct them before they get out of hand
  7.  Improve the appearance of the structure. Professionally cleaned windows especially those cleaned by us give the building a professional and clean appearance. This is good for any prospective tenants and also aesthetically appealing.
  8. We offer support. Whenever we clean your windows, we offer to answer any questions you may have and also have open channels of communication so that we can address any complaints or comments in a timely manner

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I need to move my furniture

While we try to use the least amount of water, any valuable items may be moved to avoid any damage. Our cleaners also protect your furniture with towels, drapes and any other necessary material to avoid damaging your property. You may also want to remove your curtains during cleaning. Some clients take this opportunity to clean them and put them back so they have clean curtains to go with their windows.

  • Are your products safe?

Yes. We use environmentally safe products. We ensure our products are hypoallergenic due to the presence of pets, people and plants.

  • What makes windows dirty

Internally, windows become dirty from airborne materials, for example, those carried around by air conditioners and fans, from dust, fingerprints, animal and human smudges and also from spills from cooking residues. Externally windows become dirty from the dust, pollen, bird droppings and even from rain as it spreads dirt about the window as it falls.

  • Our air conditioner is at the window. How will you clean this?

In the case of air conditioners which are installed at the windows, the client has two options.

  1. We can clean the visible parts of the window and leave the air conditioner in place
    1. We can remove the air conditioner, clean the window then reinstall it. There is an extra fee in this case but it is worth it as you get to have uniformly clean windows.
  2. How often should I clean my windows

We recommend that you have your windows cleaned every three to four months. You can also have them cleaned after each season

  • Who are professional window cleaners

Professional window cleaners are people who have undergone special training in order to provide quality service.

  • How does rain make my windows dirty?

If your windows are dirty, when it rains, it carries this dirt downwards. This can leave dirt streaks on the window making it look dirty and lose visibility

  • What about when it rains?

Whenever we have a task and there is light rain, our cleaners proceed with the job as it does not affect them. In the event of heavy rains, they may reschedule the cleaning to a later date.

  • Can I trust your cleaners and do I need to be home?

We carefully screen our cleaners so trust is no object. It is advisable that you are at home for the first cleaning so that you can see what we are doing, point us to your areas of concern and even show us which furniture we should move but you need not be around for subsequent visits

  1. Payment

After cleaning, we call to confirm if you approve of the job before processing your payment. This can be done either through cash or cheques.